Gigabyte Network Corp

Gigabyte Network Corp. places virtual servers and www sites into the Web. Our company presents hosting that virtually has no competition due to its extremely high class and reliability. More importantly, our hosting is also optimal for large companies, as well as for small businesses and individuals. Our system of site management has more than 30 different functions which will satisfy even experienced programmers and webmasters. It is clear and accessible for regular PC users.

Additional options include: Arrangement of online sales of goods and services; Invoicing goods and services, as well as processing credit transactions via all credit cards. Additional Partner program may be set. It will allow you and your partners to promote your goods and services at your own sites and get a reward for clicks or as deal’s per cent that will significantly increase your selling.

Our servers are settled on the 156MGb fiber-optic net and are reachable from any point on the World. There is an easy and accessible control panel set on the each server that allows you to easily manage with numerous functions of your virtual server:
— Anonymous FTP — you can allow anonymous ftp access to your files
— Account Manager — full information about your account, traffic, number of mail boxes, dates of next pay etc.
— File Manager — You’ll be able to download files from you computer, add/remove directories and files, manage the file, programs and directories access.
— Mail Manager — allows you to manage your mailboxes: add/remove, change passwords., set the redirecting and automated reply messages.
— Site Statistics — an excellent statistics (by hours, days, weeks, months, through the whole country, by URLs, hosts, hits etc. and much more.
— Protected Directories — You can set a password for accessing to the certain directories of your site.
— Submit Site to Search Engines — Free of charge site registration in most popular Search Engines.
All these functions along with many others will be accessible from the Control Panel.

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